Combining academic excellence and commercial software development in the Quantum space

Floquet is a joint venture with 2pi Software and Aqacia. The benefits that this arrangement brings to our clients is a shared Quantum vision that will deliver :-

  • Tailored AI/ML solutions to meet the specific needs of emerging Australian and Singaporean Quantum companies
  • Productisation of a number of off-the shelf solutions in both self-managed and cloud-subscription forms


  • Prestige Academic Quantum Credentials – Ping Koy Lam, Ben Buchler, Aaron Tranter
  • Direct links to A*Star (Singapore)
  • Quantum clientbase – SQC, Diraq, Nomad Atomic
  • AI/ML Clientbase – PV Lab
  • Founding role – Canberra Quantum Hub

2pi Software

  • Software Engineering and Cloud Powerhouse
  • Early to Quantum (QRNG)
  • Blue Chip clientbase – AEC, CSIRO, ACT Gov, Bega Cheese
  • Leading partnerships – AWS, GitLab
  • 10 years Commercial Experience