LLM Integration for workplace Chatbot functionality

Bespoke LLM solutions integrated with existing chat interfaces

The Floquet team will add LLM functionality within exisitng company chat interfaces, taking full advantage of the best open-source and AWS cloud platform toolsets. Whether it’s document Q&A, code generation and explanation, or chat summarisation, Floquet has the expertise to establish and optimise the utility of the underlying AI/ML mechanisms.

Technical Aspects of Mattermost-LLM Integrations

LLM Access and Integration

  • LLM access from within your company chat interface – interact with an LLM as if it were a team member

Simple Access Controls

  • Add LLM functionality on a room-by-room, or user-by-user basis
  • Granular access control for agent tools and features

Custom Functionality

  • Custom data sources and repositories
  • Access to internal or custom APIs


  • Model selection advice
  • Model routing for intelligent cost/performance balancing
  • Response caching

Support & Monitoring

  • Performance and security monitoring
  • In-built metrics and analysis to support model explainability and fairness