Large Language Models (LLMs)
Generative AI for Quantum and
General Purpose Applications

Bespoke LLM solutions integrated with real world 
operational workflows.

The Floquet team will create AI/ML pipelines for even the most complex domain problems, taking full advantage of the best open-source and AWS cloud platform toolsets. Whether it’s ETL, meta-data handling, pre and post-processing, result-set collation, or distribution, Floquet has the expertise to optimise the utility of the underlying AI/ML tuning and control mechanisms.

Sovereign Australian Capability

  • Assurances re non-sovereign ingress/egress
  • Canberra-based (ANU Momentum members)
  • Federal and State Government clients

AWS Partners

AWS Bedrock

AWS SageMaker


Bespoke Applications

  • Integrated ‘QnA’ Smart ChatBots
  • Tailored Custom Document Generation
  • Automated Data Cleansing at scale
  • Personalised Semantic Search
  • Novel AI usages e.g. Impartial Arbitration

Technical Aspects of LLM operational chains

LLM Access and Integration

  • Model flexibility to maximise cost and benefit
  • Well-defined guardrails for determination, quality assurance

LLM and ANN Optimisation

  • Vector databases for content retrieval
  • Model tuning
  • Cost management and monitoring

DevSecOps Capabilities

  • Fully secure end-to-end GitLab CI/CD
  • Automated regression testing
  • Best-of-Breed Toolsets

Enhanced Tailored Workflows

  • Agents for increased flexibility
  • RAG and prompt wrapping
  • Chain-based responsive workflows

Enhanced Tailored Workflows

  • Serverless
    AI/ML solutions
  • Big Compute algorithms
  • Integration with Floquet ANNabler AI/ML platform

Support & Maintenance

  • Solution Operationalisation
  • On-call ‘code cutting’ Helpdesk